The Department of Professional Induction & Success:
Mentoring In Greensboro, North Carolina

By: Doris Henderson, Director of the Department of Professional Induction & Success
Guilford Public Schools, 712 N. Eugene - PO Box 880, Greensboro, NC, 27402-0880

Thanks to Doris for her willingness to share what she's doing to benefit others.

What the Department of Professional Induction & Success Does:

Our office is in charge of the induction program for of all our beginning teachers and building administrators. I work with beginning principals and assistant principals. I also supervise the work of four Teachers on Special Assignment who are responsible for induction of the district's beginning teachers.

My Role as the Program Director:Previously, I was principal at Guilford Primary School until I retired a year ago last July 1998. At that time, Dr. Weast, our superintendent, asked me to train and support the beginning principals. Eventually, I was asked to head a new department. I agreed, on the condition that I could do it half-time, since I help at my church in the afternoons.To support new administrators, I provide regular professional development and networking seminars at the rate of about 2-3 per month for beginning principals and 1-2 per month for beginning assistant principals. I'm also on-call for them when they have problems, need support, or answers to questions. In this way I serve a an administrative mentor.

The Components of Our Induction Program:We provide:
  • Four days of induction training for initially licensed teachers during August (plus makeup session after school begins)
  • An orientation
  • Introduction sessions to explain district policies and procedures
  • Monthly new teacher support seminars throughout the year.
  • North Carolina provides stipends to pay mentors for working with first and second-year teachers.
  • We are responsible for providing mentor training for the mentors who have not been trained. (The state has a new mentor training
  • booklet which is used.)
  • We meet with mentors in August and tell them what the district expectations for mentors are.
  • We provide mentors with mentor hand books full of information and resources.
  • The district uses "mentoring logs" which mentors are required to fill in and submit to us once a quarter. The Logs show the mentor's contacts with our beginning teachers.

    The North Carolina New Teacher ProgramNorth Carolina recently started a system called "Performance-Based Licensure". During their second year, beginning teachers have to collect and submit a professional portfolio (or products), showing evidence that they meet the INTASC standards. These products are evaluated by two teachers, at least one of whom is licensed in the same area as the teacher submitting the product. If a teacher does not pass one part of the product, s/he must re-submit that part, but can bank scores from the parts passed.
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