Mentoring Program Committees


The committee is formed to administer the program and to maintain the necessary documentation and files. It is the communication network for all professional growth activities related to mentoring and peer support. This committee is responsible for the mentor application, mentor and new teacher training, and mentor selection processes.

The committee consists of the following personnel:

    1. administrator (1)
    2. selected teachers who complete mentor training (2)
    3. selected teachers from Staff Development Committee (2)
    4. teacher/coordinator of mentoring project (1)
    5. department chair of protégé and/or mentor (in an advisory capacity)


This committee will be responsible for determining the most ideal possible match of mentor to protégé. This same committee will serve as the appeal committee as well. The committee will consist of the following personnel:

    1. building administrator (1)
    2. members of the mentor committee (3)
    3. mentor trainers (2)
    4. department chair of potential protégé and/or mentor (in an advisory capacity)


1. Mentoring committee does not need to be the same as the match committee.

2. In the case that the two committees are not the same, and t o maintain a communication network, there should be some overlap of the membership of the two committees.

3. Match committee should be the same as the building grievance committee.

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