Aliases: hey you, professor, teacher, and Bebo

Birth Name: Brian Patrick Roach

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: clouds of mystery

In all seriousness, Brian is beginning his student teaching in Cartago, Costa Rica. He will be working with four teachers in oral and written English. He decided on student teaching in another country to fulfill an aspect of life that he had long desired to experience: living life abroad.

For Brian, education is his passion. It affords him the opportunity to work with—teaching to and learning from—students, parents, and other teachers. He is a lifelong learner who believes (some say zealously) in the power of the written and spoken word.

His current goal with this blog is to describe the details of his student teaching experience, smooth and rough. Beneath the lens, his page will share the positives and negatives of certain classroom strategies and techniques, activities, worksheets, useful websites and other resources and recommendations, and any other idea and/or experience that he thinks will help prospective and current educators.

His motto: “Charge to fall and swim to drown.”—A.E. Housman.

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    Am enjoying your updates, you really have a gift with the pen.
    xoxoxo Aunt Deb

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