Resources For New Teachers (& Their Mentors)

These resources were originally published in the Illinois Education Association (IEA/NEA) "Advocate,"
December 1998-January 1999 issue, page 9. It has been used with the permission of Gordon Jackson, Editor.
IEA's website is

New IEA CD-ROM, featured in the August-September 1998 Advocate, provides information and resources for all members. Each IEA member received the CD-ROM last fall.

IEA First-Year Teacher's Packet: 18 Fact Sheets on a wide range of topics, such as "Creating A Professional Image," "Managing Your Money," and "Report Child Abuse." For this and other materials, contact the IEA Student Program. Phone: 800/252-8076, ext. 260.

IEA Mentoring Program booklets: One each for certified staff and ESPs. Available from IEA regional offices.

NEA Student Program-Two Web sites: and

NEA Professional Library: 60-page catalog-books, videos, and pamphlets for new and veteran teachers.

New: CD-ROM titled "All About Kids", help for New NEA Members in the Classroom." Phone 800/229-4200.

A collaborative University & multiple school districts "Beginning Teacher Program," contact Dr. Karen Peterson, Governors State University. Phone: 708/534/4377.

The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network, a teacher-led affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Web: (No link 'cause you're already there!)

Teacher mentoring/staff development consultant, Barry Sweeny. Expert advice and assistance. Web: