Support Materials & Resources For Mentoring

"Change Processes"

Shirley Hord Free

This booklet offers the reader excellent research-based data focusing on educational innovation and its implementation. Highlighting six states of concern in adult learning, the author provides the reader with much to ponder before initializing a teacher induction program--or, for that matter, ANY element of change.

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"Mentor Teacher Programs" $ 6.00

Sandra Odell

This publication is MUST READING for administrators, induction program coordinators, and all mentors involved in a district program. Here is another research-based booklet citing statistics related to new-teacher retention and classroom effectiveness. Odell offers guidelines in mentor selection, training, and mentor roles. This booklet can be used when an induction program is only in the conceptualizing and planning stage or as an important tool in a district- wide mentoring program considering how to further refine its program to increase its impact on new teachers.

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"The First-Year Teacher" $12.00

Karen Bosch, Katherine Kersey

This soft-cover publication is a good first-year manual useful to the new teacher. Bosch and Kersey provide the new instructor with generalized tips for presentation, planning, conferencing, and behavior management. The only pitfall is that the new teacher may interpret these suggestions as "gospel", rather than guidelines for planning, HOWEVER, THIS REFERENCE IS EXCELLENT WHEN GIVEN AS AN INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL TO BE USED WITH A MENTOR FOR DISCUSSION AND COLLABORATION

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"A Leader's Guide to Mentor Training" $20.00

Nelson Little, DeLaTorre & Ross

Are you wanting to initiate a Mentoring Program in your district and not sure where to begin? Grab hold of this manual! Orientation, discussions on possible in-services, agenda, black-line masters for handouts or transparencies, hypothetical case studies--it's all here!! This guide has an easy-to-follow format for reference and planning! TAKE A PEEK AT THIS ONE!

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"Promoting the Growth of New Teachers: A Mentor Training Manual" $30.00

"Building the Mentoring Team: A Mentor-Protege Training Manual" $30.00

"Promoting the Growth of PreService Teachers: A Mentor Training Manual" $30.00

Barry Sweeny

Each of the three manuals listed above is a variation on the same training model, just adapted to work in different settings. Just pick the ones that fit your situation. The manuals are suitable for giving to each mentor as a training handout. The purchase of one manual comes with a license allowing duplication of as many copies of the manual as needed as long as it is within one organization's program. A terrific deal!

The manuals require the following materials, however, to form a complete training set:

"Overhead Masters for Mentor Training". $18.00

These are very needed as a companion to the manual you select, as the manual has some incomplete pages which participants fill in from the overheads during discussions. The overhead masters will work with any of the manuals above.

"What To Do and When To Do It: Mentoring Calendars". $5.00 each or $8.00 for both

These come in a set for elementary or for secondary school use, and provide mentors with a sense of priority for what to do to help without overloading new teachers. The calendars will work with any of the manuals above.

"A Mentor Training Script" $18.00

The script shows when during a mentor training to use each manual page and which overhead and exactly what to say. The dialogue include directions for all activities, modelling of how mentors can talk to negative persons and turn conversations to the positive, how to deal with difficult situations, etc. etc. It's not that you need to follow Barry's words exactly, but to see what he says during the training sequence is a powerful eyeopener to great training! The script will work with any of the manuals above.

To access any of these materials and many many more super resources you can contact Barry at 26 W 413 Grand Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187 USA, call evenings 630-668=2605, use e-mail <>, or visit Barry's web site at <>

"Stages of Concern About Innovations" $95.00

Dr. Leslie Huling-Austin

This resource includes an audio tape and slides which address many individuals' difficulties in relating to change and the process taken in evolving towards acceptance and finally utilization of innovation. The copyright on this material, however, states that this slide presentation may only be used intact and not separately for other purposes.

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PRECURSOR TO IMPLEMENTING AN INDUCTION PROGRAM AT THE DISTRICT LEVEL. The best use of this tool in mentoring is as a means for mentors to check that their assistance is appropriate to the needs of the new teachers they serve. This tool also serves to stimulate thought-provoking discussion and is an excellent vehicle for promoting the positive nature on innovation.

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"The Art of Consulting" $14.95

Anita L. DeBoer

This book has proven to be an excellent resource to anyone involved in a mentoring relationship. The Art of Consulting explains step-by-step how to identify interpersonal-cognitive styles, communicate effectively with the various styles, collaboratively problem-solve using win/win strategies, and overcome consultation obstacles with difficult individuals. The book has an extremely readable format and deals with consultation techniques in a very explicit manner.


Arcturus Books, 2026 W Iowa Street, Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 252-4785

"The Mentor Teacher Casebook" $10.00

Judy Shulman, Joel Colbert

Well-written and a wonderful resource for mentor teachers, this publication documents activities and actual experiences of many mentor relationships. This book is a very worthwhile component to any new-teacher induction program and is sure to promote hours of thought-provoking discussion!

Far West Laboratory, 730 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 565-3000

"Assisting the Beginning Teacher" , $375.00

Dr. Leslie Huling-Austin

A Training Package to Prepare Mentor Teachers. This three-day training session with Dr. Huling-Austin is well worth the investment of both time and money!! The workshop provides you with everything you need to train mentors in your district! Introduction to first-year teacher difficulties, examination of case studies, viable ideas on providing assistance to the new teacher, and the actual design of a mentoring program are just a few of the topics covered. This fast-paced seminar also includes a trainer's manual, blacklines for an entire induction program, a "reading notebook", containing related mentoring articles and research, and a video on which a mentor and new teacher panel are shown.


To obtain these excellent resources, attendance at the seminar is required, as so much of the information contained in these notebooks refers and directly relates to activities completed in training. It's Worth Every Minute!!

Austin Educational Associates, PO Box 27672, Austin, TX 78731 (512) 451-1325