The First Week – Redux

After an extremely long absence, I’m back.  I have taken a position as a technology teacher at a school in Chicago Public Schools.   The school is in its third year and has a great staff on hand.  Everyone has been extremely positive and motivated in order to hopefully make this school year a success.

Many of the teachers here on staff are very young and enthusiastic, and there are a decent amount who are experiencing their first year of teaching.  It will be fun to see how we come together as a staff, what lessons we will all be simultaneously learning.  A couple of us have already started collaborating on different strategies for different students that we are trying to accommodate.

This is my first post of what will hopefully become a weekly column with updates on my curriculum, instructional strategies, classroom management tactics, and of course mentoring stories.  I am looking to potentially establish some kind of informal mentoring program with teachers, even it is as simple as getting together once a week and discussing how our classes are going and sharing stories.

Check back for more!

About Pat

Pat Riley is student teaching at Amundsen High School in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood for the fall of 2010. He will be teaching Contemporary American History, starting just before the Civil War, as he works towards his Type 9 certificate with an endorsement in History and hopefully Business. Previously, he worked in public relations and business development for a law firm in Chicago, but decided his passion was education. Prior to working in public relations and business development, Mr. Riley received a B.S. in Kinesiology with a focus in Sports Marketing from Indiana University. Follow his blog at Musings on Apples and Education.
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